Latvia SL Casino

One of the biggest Baltic cities Riga is astonishing for several reasons. Amazing architecture, rich history, and a great atmosphere are reasons enough to make Riga your next travel destination.

However, one thing you might not have known before is Riga?s rich gambling culture. This relatively small city is known for several big luxurious casinos that could easily become your favorites. In this article, we?ll introduce three notable Latvian casinos that you might want to visit.

1. Olympic Voodoo Casino

Interestingly named casino belongs to the well-known Olympic casino chain which originates from Estonia. The casino is situated at the Radisson Blu hotel, making it especially easy to plan your stay.

Olympic Voodoo Casino is actually one of the biggest casinos in Riga with its 60 slot machines, several popular table games, and OlyBet betting bar. Everything from roulette and blackjack to several poker tables, Olympic really won?t let you down.

In addition to cool games, the casino hosts entertainment shows weekly, bringing some live music and excitement to the casino floor. Of course, you can expect world-class cocktails served by Latvia?s best barmen there too.

2. Royal Casino

Royal Casino really puts the word “royal” to a proper meaning. Not only is this a casino, but it?s actually a spa and hotel resort where you can easily relax for an entire weekend and enjoy luxurious pampering. The vacation resort also features nightclubs, a beauty parlor, and even a fitness center!

Though Royal Casino?s casino section itself is rather small and the selection of game tables is limited, the establishment makes up all the lacks with a movie-like interior and general atmosphere which you can usually find only in Las Vegas.

3. SL Casino

SL Casino will really impress even the most experienced gambling enthusiasts. Located at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, the most luxurious 5-star hotel in Riga, you can expect many great things from this casino.

This Riga casino is a part of the famous Shangri La casino chain that operates in Eastern Europe and welcomes luck-seekers with a luxurious setting. The casino floor includes all the classic table games together with some modern slot machines and even a special private room for high rollers.

What sets this casino apart from others, is its client-centered approach. For example, you can have the casino completely arrange your visit and organize a “gaming tour” for you. All you need to do is let them know you?d like to visit. Thanks to this, SL Casino puts Riga on the European map as one of the top gambling destinations to visit.

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