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Thanks to friendly gambling laws, Estonia has long been one of the most active gambling destinations where online casinos are often welcomed open-handedly by Estonians and where it?s not too weird to find new casinos popping out every once in a while. Despite still being a controversial topic, it?s no secret that casinos are popular among locals and foreigners alike. Often, it?s the first destination for anyone who wants to have a nice evening together with friends.

But what exactly is the reason for this thriving popularity? Below we?ll uncover some reasons why you might also enjoy Tallinn?s casinos.

1. Casinos are regulated and completely allowed

Estonia is one of the few countries in the world where gambling is very well regulated. Every casino that wishes to serve their games to Estonians must apply for an official gambling license. After obtaining that, they can freely offer their gambling services to anyone in Estonia. The same applies to online casinos that can also obtain a license easily.

Contrary to Finland, where casinos are state-owned, in Estonia most casinos are privately owned, making the industry especially diverse. Thanks to the gambling regulation, you can safely gamble in any Estonian casino and know that you?re playing in a legitimate honest casino.

2. The selection of casinos is huge

CityCasino Eesti Mustam?e
Citycasino is just one of many casino chains in Estonia.

Thanks to the favorable legal environment, it?s no surprise that Tallinn has loads of casinos. In fact, both the selection of land-based and online casinos is vast in Estonia.

There are 4 main casino chains operating in Tallinn: Olympic Casinos, Grand Prix casinos, Fenikss casinos, and Citycasino. Olympic is the biggest of them all, being somewhat of a revolutionary in the Estonian gambling industry. There are more than 15 Olympic casinos in Tallinn, one in every part of the city.

In addition, you?ll find three Grand Prix casinos, about ten Fenikss casinos and a few Citycasino gambling rooms all over the city. It?s safe to say the selection is enormous for such a small city.

3. You can enjoy live sports betting

What?s the fun in sports betting if you can?t do it together with your friends while watching the game from TV? That?s the principle many Estonians follow. Luckily, Olympic?s casino chain also includes sports betting bars called OlyBet.

You can find literally tens of sports bars from Tallinn and each of them offer the possibility to watch sports from the TV while betting on the games. Plus, you can enjoy cheap beer and good time with your friends. For those reasons, more and more Estonians are spending their weekends at OlyBet sports bars.

4. Fascinating entertainment shows

Of course, one of the main reasons why many might choose to visit a land-based casino is the atmosphere and cool events happening there. Several of Tallinn?s land-based casinos organize elaborate entertainment shows, including live music, dancing and much more. Olympic casinos are the most famous for that, having different shows almost every week.

5. You can have a party in a casino

Tallinn?s casinos, especially Olympic casinos, are also known for the chance of having your own party at the casino. Casinos offer various party packages for various occasions like a birthday party, bachelor?s party or even a lux-package for those who?d like an especially glamorous experience.

Thanks to this, Tallinn?s casinos are known more and more for their great atmosphere and entertainment opportunities in addition to gambling options. If you?d like to have the time of your life with your friends, then visiting Tallinn might really be one of the best options.

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