Latvian online casinos are filled to the brim with great casino games – some casinos offer hundreds or thousands of exciting games, giving you enough choice for hours of gameplay.

Among that huge choice, some casino games have stood out more than others for their high return or fun unique features and have become go-to options at Latvian online casinos. Below, we’ll explore some of the game options that might tickle your fancy if you want to try gambling at some of the top Latvian casinos.

Progressive jackpot slots

No matter the casino, progressive jackpot slots tend to always be at the top of the popularity list. It’s not hard to see why: the thrill of the jackpot chase is something else. Making your bet and seeing the 7-figure jackpot possibly getting rolled out makes your heart beat faster every single time you spin the reels.

Some of the most popular jackpot slots at Latvian casinos include the Mega Moolah franchise with all its new versions, Mega Fortune and of course, the famous Hall of Gods.

Sports betting

It might come as a surprise but sports betting has a special place at Latvian casinos. Several online casinos operate as bookmakers at the same time, offering both betting and casino games at the same time. This makes the whole gambling experience even better: you can easily spin some slot machines and then jump on sports.

Latvian bookmakers have high standards, providing betting options for all the top matches in the world, including matches from NBA or NHL. At any given time, you may find hundreds of betting options at all top Latvian bookies.


Blackjack strategy
Blackjack strategy is simple(ish), but most Latvian players just choose to enjoy the game without thinking too much.

Blackjack has a special place at most Latvian online casinos. Live casinos are available at almost all of them and blackjack is the champion in the selection. Usually, you can find at least 10-20 different blackjack tables with different bet limits and functionalities.

Often, you can also enjoy virtual blackjack that lets you craft your blackjack skills in a more relaxed environment. Live blackjack is more authentic though, reminding you of the real physical blackjack game.


Roulette is another beloved classic casino game. Known for its tempo, adrenaline rush and simplicity, roulette keeps being the most popular game at any casino.

At Latvian live casinos, you can usually find both the French and American roulette varieties, together with several innovative roulette tables (like Lightning Roulette). Like with blackjack, you can also try your hand at roulette by using the virtual roulette tables – there are at least 1 or 2 virtual roulette tables available at every Latvian online casino.


Last but definitely not least, poker is by far one of the most sought-after games in Latvia. In fact, several great poker players have come from Latvia – for example, Mihails Morozovs has won over 2 million dollars during his career. Many other Baltic players dream of aiming for similar goals and thus, poker has become such a phenomenon.

At Latvian online casinos, you can enjoy both professional-grade poker (powered by the industry’s top poker networks and software) and easier video poker that helps you develop better poker skills.

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