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Ten years ago, no one would have believed if I would have said that Latvia is going to be one of the top gambling hubs in not just Europe but the entire world. And many people still don’t believe this. Yet, Latvia is the home for some of the best online casinos out there and several world-class game developers have their live casino studios in Riga (for instance, Evolution and Playtech).

Latvian online casinos are known for their stellar game selection, great technological advancements and plenty of bonuses. Actually, most of the Latvian online casinos offer all of that and even more, so choosing the best one is a tough task. From the industry’s heavy lifters LVBet and Olybet to newer brands like Laimz or Vulkan Vegas, you have many options.

Which online casino is best depends largely on your taste. All gamblers are different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. However, below I’m highlighting a few tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to figure out which casino fits the bill for you.

Find a Reliable Casino Comparison Site

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There are tens of online casino comparison sites out there but truthfully, 90% of them are unreliable (at best). That doesn’t mean you should dismiss comparison sites completely, quite the opposite.

A trustworthy comparison site can become your best friend in the quest to find your one and only casino. Comparison sites create in-depth comparison tables that include information about all Latvian online casinos. Usually, these tables feature the latest bonus information, bonus terms and other crucial facts.

Thanks to sites like that, you don’t have to go around looking for this information yourself. Instead, you can just take one glance at the comparison table and see which casino offers the best welcome bonus, for example. These comparisons are invaluable tools – and all of that is at your disposal completely free.

Check the Bonus Offers

Now, talking about bonus offers, that’s where things get especially complicated. Latvian online casino industry is a fast-paced and versatile one with casinos competing heavily to get more customers. The most significant way of finding more clients is to offer compelling bonus offers that would entice people to sign up – and later, keep people playing.

The best online casinos offer welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, cashback and have free spins or other promotions going on regularly. The more, the merrier, of course. High-quality casinos should have at least 2-3 promotions every week and usually, the top-grade casinos have that.

And of course, it’s always essential to read the bonus terms too. One thing is to have a casino with many promotions but a completely different thing is to actually have reasonable bonus terms. Some casinos require players to wager the bonus up to 50 times which is, obviously, not too lucrative. So, take a few moments to compare the ongoing promotions to see which casino tickles you the best.

Deposits and Withdrawals Matter More than You Think

Nowadays, all Latvian online casinos utilize safe payment methods, so safety is not a question anymore. What remains a question is the speed of payouts as well as imposed limits.

Casinos are quite similar when it comes to the payout speed – most of them process payouts within 24 hours and you receive the funds within a couple of days.

The biggest distinction comes from the payout limits though. Some casinos impose harsh withdrawal limits that make it much tougher to actually get your winnings once you should be so lucky to win more. For instance, you might have a winning cap of 500 euros until you haven’t wagered through the bonus or an overall withdrawal limit of 5000 euros per month. The limits vary but these are always written down in the casino’s general terms and conditions, so make sure to read through the terms.

Test the Customer Service

Last but not least, it always pays to test the casino’s customer support too to get a taste of how they work. You can reach out to casinos by asking something general just to see how fast or how professionally they respond. Once you try 2-3 casinos, you’ll understand the difference – and that will make it much easier for you to choose the casino for your taste.

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